Career Assessment and Testing

What is career assessment
and who uses it?

I use several career assessments with my clients to provide them with greater knowledge and insight into the kinds of work and career choices that would be most satisfying and rewarding to them. I am fully certified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and The Highlands Ability Battery. I am highly trained in providing comprehensive feedback to clients in each of these assessments. I only use assessments that I know will give my clients solid information about their personality, personal style, ideal work environment and measurable abilities and interests.

Career assessments are often used by people who are:

  • finishing high school and want to choose a college major
  • graduating college and considering graduate or professional studies
  • near the end of high school or college and starting their career search
  • already in a career but are not really satisfied
  • in a career they love but want to find a better fit within their company
  • facing layoffs and wondering where to turn next
  • returning to the workforce after a long absence
  • retired and looking for rewarding volunteer and recreational activities

I am always astonished at how few people, young and old, have been given any useful and reliable guidance in choosing a career. Most of us make our first career choices when we are very young and have limited exposure to all the possibilities available. Few of us talk with people to find out what life is really like when you are a lawyer, dentist, elementary teacher or police officer. It is rare that we have the chance to look in depth about how we want to live our lives and how a career will fit that picture.

It is my goal to work with my clients so that they “get it right the first time.” Although I offer career assessments to clients outside of my coaching practice, I strongly encourage a short-term coaching partnership to fully explore personal interests, skills, goals, family and cultural expectations, values and career development stage. A career assessment alone cannot determine the best career path for a client.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI is an instrument that looks at how you focus your energy and attention, how you prefer to process information, how you prefer to make decisions, and how you like to structure your environment. The MBTI uses your responses to a series of questions to provide you with a result or type. There are 16 different types and research has shown that people of various types tend to choose careers in fields where they will feel most natural and comfortable. The MBTI is also useful in improving communication and team building in organizations, marriage and family counseling, and many other applications. I offer an online version of the MBTI. The written reports and feedback can be general or focused on career selection. You can learn more at:

The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is a series of 19 different work samples that measure how you actually perform certain tasks under time pressure. Each work sample measures a specific innate ability that may help or hinder you in real life work environments. Knowing your unique ability pattern can give you a good picture of your personal style at work, the abilities that will drive you to perform in certain ways and the special abilities that enhance how you learn and perform certain job tasks. The Highlands Ability Battery can disclose reasons why you may feel dissatisfaction, boredom, frustration and stress in your job. I offer an online version of this assessment that you can complete at home. It is a comprehensive assessment and the personal knowledge you gain can be life changing. Please look at this website to learn more

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