The core purpose of my coaching practice is to assist my clients to increase self-knowledge, find their best direction for career and personal life, and develop the strength and confidence needed
to succeed.


I would like to take a moment to tell you about what really matters to me and how I apply that in my life coaching and career coaching practice.

It is clear that we often overlook the enormous potential within ourselves. Our collective gifts, talents, and abilities are our most precious resources. I am committed to working with you to find and develop your potential to the fullest and enjoy a richly rewarding and satisfying life and career. When you win, we all win!

Almost everyone has been hit fairly hard by the last few years of economic recession and is looking for new opportunities and new direction in life. As a life and career coach, I help you uncover your talents for personal development and career transition. I am committed to providing exceptional service at reasonable cost so that you don't have to put your life and career on hold until the economy improves. Itís about finding and building the passion and direction for deep, lasting happiness, and satisfaction in life.

I want you to have fun in our coaching sessions! My goal is to bring lightness, humor and enjoyment into the rest of your life, every day!


Kitty Boynton Professional & Career Coach